To make sure that this romantic event will be a fairytale memory to you and your wedding guests, simply surrender yourselves to magical feelings, embraces of shining faces, sincere thoughts, waterfalls of pleasant emotions and warmth in your heart. All these positive words can describe your wedding day, which is a once-in-a-life-time event. Feel free to give in the romantic waves of feelings and enjoy the day which belongs only to the two of you. At Galaksija, we will make sure that all these emotions and feelings are joined in harmony.

Celovit poročni program:
  • Setting up the place for the wedding
  • Guest reception with appetizers in front of the entrance
    into Galaksija or on the covered terrace
  • Ceremonial arrival of the wedding couple into the hall
  • Feast in an air-conditioned hall
  • Large dance floor
  • Stage for a wedding band
  • Wedding menus, in accordance with your wishes
  • Children’s menus
  • Wedding cake from our pastry shop
  • Pastry and savouries from our pastry shop
  • Friendly staff who takes care of flawless and professional service
  • Galaksija’s wedding gift: romantic wedding night at the
    Galaksija hotel and a practical gift
  • Possibility of wedding guest accommodations – rooms
    according to reservations (discount prices)
  • Setting up tables and a timeline

In order for you to be able to begin your marriage without any care in the world, please share with us your wishes and ideas. We will make sure that this wedding day will be your day!

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Additional possibilities:
  • Room for child care
  • Bachelor and bachelorette parties at the bowling alley